What is Intervention?

If you know someone who is struggling with drugs or alcohol addiction and they refuse to seek help, you may have to stage an intervention. Every year in Oklahoma, there are 262,000 people who use illicit drugs, and many of them don’t know how to stop.  An intervention assembles friends and loved ones to intervene on behalf of the substance abuser and compel them to find help for their disease.

Interventions are typically led by a professional moderator called an interventionist. If you are unable to find a specialist near you, you or another friend or family member can assume this role to facilitate the meeting.

If you do go the interventionist route, it is recommended to hold a pre-interview with them to make sure you carefully plan out the intervention. We serve those in Oklahoma, so we will be there for you every step of the way.

It’s vital to create an atmosphere of loving and caring support for the person afflicted with the disease of addiction. While you and the other participants will be holding them accountable for their addiction and the pain they have caused in other’s lives, it is important to keep in mind that the intervention should be non-judgmental, and should strive to avoid physical confrontation.

Practicing or rehearsing the meeting will contribute to a successful intervention. The interventionist should remind all the participants that addiction is a disease, and the intervention should be professional and respectful.

The goal of the intervention is to get the substance abuser into a treatment facility.

Helpful Reminders for Staging an Intervention

  • It’s All About the Team: Try to gather the best team of family and friends who will effectively persuade the substance abuser to get help. The family members or friends who have the most influence over the substance abuser should have the highest consideration.
  • Timing: If you are ready to stage an intervention, don’t delay. Waiting can have severe and even deadly repercussions. An addict who isn’t in rehab is likely still using, and still damaging themselves and creating pain and harm in the lives of their loved ones.
  • The Setting: Choosing the right setting for an intervention is vital to its success. The home of the substance abuser is not a good choice, as it may trigger painful memories from their past. The best setting is usually a conference room or an office. The more professional of a setting or locale, the better.
  • Preparation: Along with rehearsals, participants should be prepared for anything in the intervention. It’s a good idea to take notes of questions to ask the substance abuser, or notes of instances from the past that created conflict in relationships with the substance abuser’s friends or family.

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Family and friends of a substance abuser can feel powerless as they are swept up in the tornado of abuse. Now, these innocent bystanders don’t have to feel powerless anymore; take control with an intervention. It is your best tool to help your loved one find the help they need.

If you have any questions regarding intervention, give us a call and our trained professionals will be able to answer them and give you more information on staging an intervention for your loved one based on compassion, care and support. We serve those suffering from addiction in Oklahoma.

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