Oklahoma’s Meth Issue in Native Country

Methamphetamine is known for being one of, if not, the most dangerous drugs in the U.S. However, it devastates the Native American community much harder. Native American rate highest in meth use, with 1.7 percent and is higher than other ethnicities. Whites rate at 0.7 percent, Hispanics at 0.5 percent, Asians at 0.2 percent, and African American at 0.1 percent. For Oklahoma, meth production is not only an issue but with its location, it increases the issue of smuggling the product from Mexico. Meth in Native Country is clearly a dangerous issue.

Statistics on Meth in Native Country

  • Meth accounts for about 40 percent of violent crimes.
  • 74 percent of tribal police ranked meth as the greatest drug threat.
  • 80 to 85 percent of Native families participating in Child Welfare may have substance abuse issues.
  • About 90 percent of tribal police believe they need more assistance and training with drug investigations.

With limited resources within the reservations, it might feel like many options do not exist but they do. If you or someone you know struggles with meth or other substance addiction, help is out there for you. You can call us at 405-583-4390 or visit our Drug Rehab page.

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Meth in Native Country and Its History

Oklahoma has seen issues with various drugs but meth might be the worse. Tulsa, the second-largest city in the state, is sometimes referred to as “meth capital of the world.” Meth abuse is a major issue in the state, especially within the Native community. Its concern has increased since the beginning 2000s and high production can be traced back to tribal lands. Although meth production occurs in these areas, Mexican drug cartels also target reservations for their crime. Since Native and federal laws may differ, it provides cartels an opportunity with their illegal business. It is estimated that over 70 percent of meth is smuggled in from Mexico.

Attempts at Improving Issue

Although this issue may affect people for a long time, certain attempts hope to improve it. Annual assistance is provided for mental health through Indian Health Services. Unfortunately, insufficient funds do not meet the needs of the community. Initiatives exist within the Native Country to assist people as well. Some task force includes the National Indian Country, White House Indian Country Federal Meth Initiative, and others. These initiatives aim to provide information and resources to battle meth addiction.

The Current Impact of Meth in Oklahoma

The use and availability of meth have become a major threat to Oklahoma and its residents. While drug abuse increases, violence and health risks continue to increase as well. With its location near the American-Mexican border, Oklahoma has seen high amounts of drug smuggling, especially within tribal lands. Mexican drug cartel target reservation and neighboring land for their criminal activities. They use these rural areas not only for its remoteness but also for the loophole with Native laws and jurisdiction. Overall meth surrounding the Native Country has increased the drug issues in the state, but knowing it is an issue can help improve the situation.

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Effects of Meth on Oklahoma and Its Residents

As mentioned above, Mexican cartels have caused great devastation to Native Americans and their communities. These cartels have used tribal land as distribution hubs and to sell meth to residents. This demographic shows the highest rates of meth use compared to other ethnic groups in the U.S. With battling opioids being one of the top concerns in the state, meth takes a back seat even though the number of deaths from meth is much higher. Although meth is an extremely cheap drug, it is also highly addictive. This can result in many different illnesses and diseases and even worse: death. Some crimes committed by people on meth vary between assault, robbery, homicide, and abuse. The increase in violent crimes causes residents to feel unsafe and scared.

What Can Prevent People From Seeking Treatment

While people may not know they have an issue, those who do might not know where to get help. In reservations, there might not be resources or accessibility to information on the topic of addiction. Drugs have played a role in various tribal communities such as spiritual or medical use. For this reason, people who grow up in an environment where drug intake is normal, it can stop people from seeking help. Since people may start partaking in drug or alcohol use at a young age, they might lack the education and knowledge to understand their harm. Money and healthcare can also be obstacles, along with the distance from the person to treatment facilities.

Solutions to Meth in Native Country

With any substance abuse, recovery may seem far away or impossible, but it is possible. For some, moving away from a negative environment or situation might be unattainable but it may help. In many rural areas, like reservations, the options for treatment facilities may be limited. One solution for this is traveling for treatment for either an outpatient or inpatient program. Within the Native Country, many initiatives exist to assist people struggling with meth addictions. Tribal initiatives in many states aim to banish as many meth dealers as they can from reservations. Children begin to receive education on drug use and can participate in “Meth Walks” where they walk around their neighborhood and community to promote “no more meth.”

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Overcoming Issues Surrounding Meth in Native Country

Research and studies show that meth is the most dangerous and deadly drug. It is a huge problem in many states, especially within the Native community. In Oklahoma, the amount of people who use meth continues to increase, while addiction and violence related to it also go along with it. You do not have to be a part of these statistics. Getting educated on these issues brings you one step closer to your new life.

Depending on where you live and other various factors, you might look into traveling for treatment to the nearest facility. If you live in a rural area you might have a shortage of options, but your recovery will be worth the drive. In Oklahoma, you can find several facilities that may offer just what you need. If payment is an issue, many insurances cover treatment and some facilities offer payment assistance.


It may seem difficult to seek out help and treatment but after the first step, it can get easier. For more information, please call us at 405-583-4390 or visit our Drug Rehab and Treatment pages. You are not alone.

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