Lawton, OK’s Drug and Alcohol Problem

While many people have a picture in their heads of what an addict looks like, they might not be completely right. People may picture a homeless person who gets meth or heroin on the street or wherever they can get it. However, many addicts are middle-aged and even middle-class who are prescribed painkillers for injuries or pain and it develops from there. Drugs and addictions do not discriminate, your appearance should not stop you from getting help. There are treatment options of 30-day60-day, and 90-day, along with inpatient and outpatient options near you. At Rehabilitation Treatment Care Center, our goal is to find recovery treatment programs in Lawton and surrounding areas and providing options to those struggling with addiction.

Drug Statistics on Lawton

  • Founded in 1901, Lawton has a population of 98,867 people.
  • Almost two people per day die of a prescription drug overdose in Oklahoma. Prescription drugs are also the leading cause of injury death in the state for people ages 25-64.
  • Five of the eight most common drugs in relation to overdoses were opioids in 2012.
  • According to the Oklahoma Policy Institute, about 55 percent of those who misuse prescription drugs get them from doctors who prescribe the medication or from they know.
  • The age group with the highest rate for drug usage is between 18-25, while ages 35-54 have the highest overdose death rates.
  • In 2011, Oklahoma was ranked 1 in the country for abusing prescription painkillers.

Sometimes you might not be able to tell if someone has a problem. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, assistance is available. Recovery treatment programs in Lawton and surrounding areas have a variety of options to help you. No matter the severity of your addictions or any other factors, help is available. For help and to learn more, call us at 405-583-4390.

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Get Help in Your Area

When looking for the right program for you, there are a few things to take into consideration. Inpatient programs allow you to stay at the facility while in outpatient you stay at home. 30-day programs are good for mild addictions, 60-day for moderate, and 90-day for severe addictions. In Lawton, a few facilities offer outpatient services, and two offer long-term residential services. For additional services or treatments, the nearest facilities would be in Wichita Falls, TX.

What to Look For in a Treatment Center

  • Accreditation shows that the facility meets quality standards and can provide excellent care.
  • Evidence-based treatments use scientific research and are proven to being effective.
  • Length for a program can be decided with an evaluation and can depend on various factors, such as the severity of the patient’s addiction.
  • Location can provide the patient with the opportunity to seek help in their hometown or in a different city and both options can be effective.
  • Aftercare services at the facility can be crucial to the patient’s recovery and can reduce the chances of relapse in a familiar surrounding.
  • Payment options vary in facilities but most accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance. Several facilities also offer payment assistance options or services at a sliding fee scale.

Benefits of Leaving Lawton for Treatment

While Lawton offers several options for addiction treatment, what is important is finding the right program for you. Since there are no recovery treatment programs in Lawton that offer inpatient programs, it might be a great reason to travel elsewhere. If you are thinking of traveling for treatment, Wichita Falls, TX is the closest city with more treatment options.

Along with having more options, there are many other benefits to leaving your city. For example, leaving your city will provide you will a new perspective and fresh start that can be essential for you and your future. No matter the reason, it is important to focus on yourself and what will help with your recovery. Here are a few benefits to traveling for treatment.

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A New Beginning

Traveling outside your hometown might be essential for your treatment and life. It could be a good way to experience new things and a new city. In a new environment, you can remove any distractions to be able to focus only on yourself and your recovery. If the severity of your addiction does not align with what is offered in Lawton, then you might be able to find an excellent program elsewhere. After treatment, you will have a better understanding of your addiction and take what you have learned into your new sober life. The new people you meet and staff can help expand and strengthen your support system. A new city might open up a great new world for you.

Create a Distance

By leaving your hometown, you give yourself a chance to create a distance between you and any triggers or negativity you may encounter there. Sometimes it is good to distance yourself from your support system in case they enable you to quit treatment or for other reasons. Patients enjoy the privacy protection they receive by being in a new and neutral place.

Get a New Outlook

Traveling away from your city for treatment can give you a new perspective on yourself but also on your addiction. You can figure out what behaviors or triggers lead you to the addictive substance. Being in a new place can allow you to be away from any distractions that can affect your treatment. A different city makes it harder for you to leave treatment early, therefore it might help you stay committed to your program.

Find the Right Program

As mentioned before, there are a few recovery treatment programs in Lawton that offer outpatient services, but everyone is different so you might benefit more in other treatments offered out of your area. If you are traveling away from Lawton, you will most likely be participating in an inpatient program. You will be provided with medical assistance whenever you might need it and it can be a good way to meet new people. It is important to find what might benefit you the most and finding the right treatment is a big part of that.

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Depending on what you decide, whether it is to stay in Oklahoma City or receive help somewhere else, you can find the right place and program for you. You can contact us at 405-583-4390, to learn more or to enroll.

More Information on Staying in Lawton, OK

With a few drawbacks, seeking recovery treatment programs in Lawton can have benefits as well. In your city, you will be closer to your family and friend. This can give you the support and encouragement to continue with your treatment. Since you have access to outpatient treatments in Lawton, it can increase your chances of completing the program. Being close to your outpatient facility can also help you continue with your aftercare treatment.

In an outpatient program you can save money you would be paying for living in an inpatient facility. You can also reduce the amount you would spend traveling to another location. This will allow you to have little disruptions to your everyday life by only taking a few hours of your week for treatment.

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Whether you decide to stay in Lawton, OK, or travel outside your town for treatment, the right place and program are out there. With so many different treatments and program options, you might feel overwhelmed. We can help guide you to the right decision. To learn more or to enroll, call us at 405-583-4390 and remember you are not alone.

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