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When looking for addiction help, many people feel alone but you must remember that you are not. Around 25.8% of adults have actually binge drank in the past 30 days. Additionally, 7.9% of adults are either dependent on or abusing drugs or alcohol in the last year. Fortunately, in a city as large as Oklahoma City, there are many options for you available. If you are dealing with a mild addiction and are limited in time, you might look into 30-day programs. If you have a moderate addiction, then a 60-day program might be better for you. For more severe addictions, a 90-day program may be more effective. We can help you find the recovery treatment for you, call 405-583-4390, for more information.

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  • Oklahoma City is a city right in the middle of an active field. With a population of 1,396,445, it is ranked 25th in the United States. In a city of this size, it is no surprise that the addiction issues are so high.
  • In a study by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, it found that in Oklahoma City, there were an estimated 43% of deaths caused by opioid drug overdoses in 2018. This estimation amounted to more than 308 deaths in total.
  • In 2018, the number of heroin, 79 deaths, or synthetic opioids, 84 deaths, has remained steady. The study showed a decrease from 251 to 172 deaths, from 2017 to 2018, that came from prescription opioids.
  • It was found in 2018 that for every 100 people, medical providers wrote up to 79.1 opioid prescriptions in Oklahoma alone. The average rate in the U.S. was 51.4 prescriptions. With numbers like these, recovery treatment is more essential than ever.


In Oklahoma City, there are two facilities that offer inpatient detoxification as well as the other treatment programs. If you prefer an outpatient program, there are many facilities available. For both long and short-term programs, you can find two residential programs, where you live and get treated in separate locations. 30-days programs are best for mild addictions, 60-days are for moderate, and 90-days are for severe.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

  • Accreditation lets the patient know if the facility meets quality standards and can provide excellent care.
  • Evidence-based treatments use scientific research and are proven to being effective.
  • Length for a program can be decided with an evaluation and can depend on various factors, such as the severity of the patient’s addiction.
  • Location can provide the patient with the opportunity to seek help in their hometown or in a different city and both options can be effective.
  • Aftercare services at the facility can be crucial to the patient’s recovery and can reduce the chances of relapse in a familiar surrounding.
  • Payment options vary in facilities but most accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance. Several facilities also offer payment assistance options or services at a sliding fee scale.

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Although you may want to stay in your hometown for an inpatient program, it might actually be beneficial for your recovery treatment to travel somewhere else for your treatment. Leaving your town can be a fresh start for you during your program. It can be healthy for you to create a distance to remove any distractions or a negative environment. If the treatment gets hard and you feel like leaving it, being in a new town makes it harder for you to leave. This can encourage you to continue the program. Most importantly, this method can help protect your privacy. You should not have to worry about knowing anyone in your program, all you should be focused on is your recovery and sobriety.

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Depending on what you decide, whether it is to stay in Oklahoma City or receive help somewhere else, you can find the right place and program for you. You can contact us at 405-583-4390, to learn more or to enroll.


An out of town facility can also give you a new perspective on both your behavior and addiction. Sometimes big cities get too loud and that might be overwhelming. You will have the opportunity to be in the new and neutral surroundings to completely commit to your treatment. A new place can take away any distractions that might affect your recovery treatment. You might find out new things about yourself and your addiction that you might not discover if you stay home.


You are the most important person and the person to put first when getting treatment. You are also the one who is aware of who and what can trigger you to seek out your addictive substance. Going to a different town can remove any negative people or situations that can prevent you from sobriety. If you stay in your town, you might run into people you know and may cause you to feel judged or insecure.


Although your family and friends might be very supportive, they might also distract or enable you to leave treatment. You might think they know what is best for you and it might not be right. On the other hand, your loved ones might be triggers or the cause of your addiction. If you know this is the case then it is better to separate yourselves from these people to take care of yourself.


Another reason you might want to travel elsewhere is that you might be able to find a better program for you that is offered in a different city. Some cities may only offer detox programs but no treatment programs. Maybe one facility focuses on individual therapy but you would also like the group therapy option.


Traveling to a new town can help kickstart your new sober life. You will meet new people who might later become your most trusted friends. Your support system will grow with positive people. Maybe you find a new city to be better for you and it becomes your new home. You can expand your life with new experiences and cultures.


We gave you some reasons to leave your hometown, but maybe those do not apply to you. If you decided that you prefer an outpatient or inpatient program in your hometown instead, you can still find success in your recovery treatment. Staying in Oklahoma City can help you lower your cost whether it is by eliminating any extra travel cost or by attending an outpatient program. It is also helpful to be in a bigger city that can offer several treatments and resources other cities can not.


Patients who stay close to home might find it beneficial to have their support system nearby. Family and friends can give you the support you need to complete the treatment. They can give you the encouragement or additional help you need. If your treatment is in your city, it can help you continue your aftercare treatment that other cities may not provide. You will also have a new support network close by whenever you need them.


Depending on what you decide, whether it is to stay in Oklahoma City or receive help somewhere else, you can find the right place and program for you. You can contact us at 405-583-4390, to learn more or to enroll. We are here to help you.

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