Before a substance abuser can begin the process of rehab, they need to cleanse their body of all the toxins that have accumulated from their substance abuse. This process is known as detox, or detoxification. This is usually a medically managed treatment where the patient will stay in a live-in facility under 24-hour care. For those who need addiction help that reside in Oklahoma, we are here for you.

The reason patients are under supervised care is because of the harmful withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxification. These symptoms include: nausea, vomiting, tremors, seizures and hallucinations. Withdrawal is especially dangerous for people who are addicted to alcohol and benzos. These symptoms can include seizures which lead to shock and can result in the death of the patient.



Tremors, Seizures and Hallucinations

Tremors, Seizures and Hallucinations

Shock - Death

Shock - Death

Detox Steps

Upon enrolling in detox, the substance abuser will receive an assessment to determine what substances are in their system. This assessment also includes physiological analysis as well as a psychological analysis to create a treatment plan for the patient.

The duration of detox varies from patient to patient. It may be as short as a week for some. There is no set time for the completion of this process. One vital component of this process is exercise. Exercise helps to decrease anxiety, depression and stress, and it helps curb mood swings. When a person is detoxing, they are changing the way that their brain is wired. The process of substance abuse rewires their brain so that it prioritizes continued use, and actually compels the person to use more. Their brain is reprogrammed to addict them to the substance. Detox starts the reversal or a “normal” brain wiring. That’s why exercise is important, to help establish healthy lifestyle patterns and increase circulation, brain stimulation and the natural release of endorphins that have been decreased from the absence of mind-altering substances.

Self Detox

Although some recovering addicts detox on their own before entering rehab, medical professionals advise against this. It’s never predictable how an addict’s body and mind will react to withdrawal symptoms. It is best to have medical professionals nearby should something go awry. For those detoxing  alcohol, it is not only recommended to have medical supervision for the withdrawals, but also for the communal aspects of detox as alcoholism is typically related to interpersonal relationships and these recovering addicts need more social activity in detox.

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Is Detox Expensive?

The cost of detox treatment fluctuates from center to center. Many insurance companies cover rehab and detox. There are also states that offer rehab and detox treatment to people who can’t afford it.

If you are struggling with addiction and have any questions about detox, give us a call. We’re here to help you find the healing you need. Call today and start your path to recovery now! If there isn’t a treatment center near you, our specialists will help you find the closest one, or recommend facilities that you can travel to.

Some people dread detox, or avoid it out of fear of the withdrawal symptoms. We’re here to let you know we can help. The benefit of enrolling in medically managed detox centers avail you of medications and therapy to limit the painful withdrawal symptoms.

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